Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden: a City Tour by Video

Below are two of the more authentic videos I’ve seen regarding Stockholm.

The two folks narrating the video provide some really good insight into historical aspects of the city as well as good suggestions on places to grab a cafe or dine while visiting.

1. Stockholm: Meatballs, Lucia & Skansen

A couple embarks on their first trip to Europe, starting with a six-month adventure in Stockholm, Sweden. They immerse themselves in local culture, trying Swedish delicacies like meatballs and lingonberries, and experiencing the Santa Lucia festival, a traditional celebration of light. Their unique accommodations on a boat offer a distinctive view of Stockholm. Their journey is marked by new culinary experiences, including a visit to a Swedish fast-food chain and tasting a traditional Swedish Christmas drink.

2. Stockholm: The Vasa, Christmas Market & Gamla Stan

The narrator describes their experience trying different foods in Stockholm, including lunch specials and unusual dishes like fish pudding. They visit the Vasa Museum, learning about the historic ship that sank on its maiden voyage due to its top-heavy design. The narrator also explores Stockholm’s old town, sharing stories about its history, architecture, and quirky facts like the narrowest alleyway and rune stones. The video concludes with reflections on their time in Stockholm, enjoying local customs like fika, and preparing for their next journey to Gothenburg and the UK.