Sweden: Simple Sophistication

Sweden: Simple Sophistication

I arrived in the Stockholm city-center around 7pm on a Sunday evening. I had just flown-in an hour and a half earlier.

Tired and jet-lagged, but undeterred, I went for a walk.

It was dark out and most shops were closed. But you could still get an impression of the city and its people.

And so what was my initial impression of Sweden?

Simple sophistication.

The architecture of the homes and buildings, the inner layout of the shops, the hand-crafted goods, etc. were all so simple, yet eloquent. It’s a type of sophistication that’s instantly recognizable as Scandinavian. And it’s beautiful!

The below pictures were a few of my first glimpses into Swedish life.

Hand-crafted glass mask from downtown Stockholm, Sweden
Hand-crafted glass mask
Docked boat in Stockholm, Sweden
Docked boat in Stockholm, Sweden

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