Winter in Sweden

Swedish Coffee Culture

Swedish coffee culture is a huge part of a Swede’s life. If you’re looking for decaf coffee, you’re in the wrong country.

It should therefore come as no surprise that a couple of coffee drinks were invented in Sweden. 😉

According to James Hoffman, a famous coffee aficionado with a fairly popular YouTube channel, one such drink is expresso and tonic, which was created in Stockholm.

Another coffee drink is oat coffee, which is made of oats and water and is a healthy, vegan, gluten, and lactose-free way to enjoy a creamy cup of coffee. This one shouldn’t have surprised you though as Sweden is known for its vegan culture.

If you’ve just arrived, and plan to do some socializing, expect to drink a few strong cups of coffee each day. You could easily find yourself having a coffee during breakfast, for fika (the traditional mid-morning and mid-afternoon coffee breaks), as well as during the evening when out with good friends.

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Kokkaffe Coffee

When hiking in the forest, foraging for berries, or camping, Swedes make “kokkaffe.” This is a type of cowboy coffee.

It’s made by putting coffee in with water and letting it boil over a fire. When it’s hot and ready, the grouts sink to the bottom, making the strong mixture drinkable.

Now, during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, it appears as if Swedes are becoming baristas — they’re purchasing their own Italian espresso machines to make coffee at home.